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Advisor.wiki is an exclusive resource for Oechsli Institute Coaching Clients - an “idea portal” built to gather the industry’s best:

  • Marketing Ideas and Routines
  • Elite Advisor Scripting and Verbiage
  • Practice Management Templates
  • Client Communications Examples

Recently Added Articles

Much like Wikipedia.org, the intention is to pull together many diverse financial advisors, encourage free-sharing of ideas, and build an enormous collective knowledge base. We have pre-loaded the Wiki with our latest and greatest financial advisor marketing and practice management ideas, but we would love your input as well.

Please send examples of the following to info@oechsli.com - even in rough format as we can redact, shorten/lengthen, and edit as necessary:

  • Team meeting or retreat agendas
  • Intimate event ideas, invitation examples, etc.
  • Surprise and delight resources (ex. stamps.com)
  • Client onboarding procedures
  • LinkedIn cold prospecting templates/trackers
  • Client Communications (ex. Review follow-up letter, client reassignment letter, etc.)
  • Anything else that helps your business and that others may want to see

In exchange for your insights, we’ll include your byline in the article (unless you’d like to remain anonymous).